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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly Mount Charteris

First Appearance
Thunderbolts #49 (2001)

Current Members:

A group of criminals and former Thunderbolts along with the disembodied sonic spirit of Angar the Screamer, now known as Scream were banded together by the U.S. government in order to receive lighter sentences by doing missions sanctioned by the government. Originally led by Captain America, it was later led by Citizen V whose brain was controlled by the spirit/brainwaves of the then deceased Baron Zemo. The team fought against Doctor Doom, Rebel, Humus Sapien, and Graviton. Their final battle against Graviton is where the Beetle, Meteorite and Charcoal lost their lives. In that same battle Smuggler was presumed deceased but has recently returned.

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