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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Former base of Mesmero, Death Valley, California

Current Members:

The Resistants was a team composed of mutants opposed to the Mutant Registration Act, an act of Congress that was proposed in order to force mutants to register their abilities with the federal government.

Largely composed of members previously known as Mutant Force, the team based themselves in Death Valley, California, in an old hideout of the mutant Mesmero. The Resistants rescued a number of mutants who were unwilling to register their powers, including the well-known villain Mentallo (renamed Think Tank.)

Their first public protest in Washington, D.C. was opposed by Captain America (then, the identity used by John Walker, the U.S.Agent) and his partner Battlestar, and the team was forced to escape. During a later attempt to rescue the mutant Quicksilver from the U.S. custody, they were ambushed by Walker and his allies, Freedom Force. Several of the Resistants were badly injured. The team was remanded to custody, and upon the defeat of the Mutant Registration Act in Congress, the Resistants have since parted company, the majority of which resumed their activities as Mutant Force.

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