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Marvel Universe 

Resolute Duty


Marvel Universe


Presumably Nova Corps

Zan Philo

After having been unaccounted for in thirty-five years, the Resolute Duty reappeared when the Inhumans tore a hole in the universe with a genocidal bomb, creating The Fault. The ship was home to a lone Nova Centurion, Zan Philo and several droids. Zan had one prisoner on board and a stowaway, Monark Starstalker. The Resolute Duty soon became a battleground when a group of Mindless Ones attempted to free Philo’s prisoner – their leader. It took the added might of Nova and his Nova Corps trainees to keep the damage to a minimum. To make matters worse, an enraged Ego, the Living Planet, wanted to take his revenge for having been lobotomized and usurped to act as headquarters for the Corps. Worldmind had no choice but to download itself into the giant spacehulk to escape Ego's wrath, and after the Mindless Ones were transported inside Ego's brain, Philo used the enormous cannons within the ship to force Ego's retreat. The Resolute Duty became the headquarters of the Nova Corps and Philo agreed to act as Drill Sergeant to train the rookies.

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