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Marvel Universe 

Rictor (Age of Apocalypse)


Real Name: Julio Esteban Richter Affiliation: Apocalypse's Police Force Status: Deceased (Apocalypse) Alternate-X Versions: (616) Codename Etymology: Pronounced rĭk'tər [Origin unknown]; Probably a variant of Richter, for the Richter Scale, devised by U.S. seismologist Charles Francis Richter (1900-85). Powers & History: Rictor could generate seismic energy waves from his hands. Tired of his low ranking position in Apocalypse’s army, Rictor believed that he would be greatly rewarded by capturing Gambit and his X-Ternals. Rictor followed the X-Ternals and while he was trying to apprehend them, Lila Cheney unlocked her mutant power and teleported the X-Ternals across the galaxy. Rictor jumped after them and was teleported as well. The group arrived in the Shi’ar galaxy and were immediately ordered to surrender by the Imperial Guard. Rictor surrendered but the X-Ternals fled. Rictor formed a temporary alliance with the Imperial Guard to capture the X-Ternals after proving that he could find them wherever they went. When they attacked the X-Ternals, Gambit and his team managed to escape their grasp by being teleported away by the Starjammers. Rictor and Gladiator followed the Starjammers to where the M’Kraan crystal was kept and fought them again. Rictor was overwhelmed by the X-Ternals and returned to New York City with them after Gambit retrieved a shard of the crystal.

Upon arriving, Rictor tried to apprehend the X-Ternals yet again. He chased after Gambit and Lila while Carosella and Jubilee tried to deliver the crystal to Magneto. Gambit and Lila were stopped by Strong Guy, who had actually been working for Rictor all along. While Strong Guy tried to redeem himself by saving Lila’s life, he decided to deliver the M’Kraan Crystal and Charles Lehnsherr (whom he had kidnapped) to Apocalypse anyways. Rictor returned to Apocalypse with nothing to show for his efforts and was killed for his failure. 809