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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
One Roxxon Plaza (New York City), Roxxon Monolith (San Francisco, California), Roxxon Enclave (Los Angeles, California), Roxxon House (Denver, Colorado), multiple international facilities

First Appearance
Captain America #180 (1974)

Current Members:
Pierce Benedict (Director of Sea-Going Operations), Douglas Bravner (Sunturion Project executive), August D'Angelo (Chairman of the Board), Arthur Dearborn (Sunturion, scientist), Jonas "Jonah" Hale (Vice President), Samuel Higgins (Facility Director, Denver), Dan Kaminski (President), Henry Mason (Vice President), Malachi Oz (scientist), Carrington Pax (Regional Director, Los Angeles), Huck Petrie (negotiator), Brian Sagar (Vice President), Cindy Shelton (lead scientist, New York), MikeTappan (Associate Director, Los Angeles)

Powerful, expansive, and influential, the Roxxon Oil Company is a corporation like no other. In the past, Roxxon Oil was an unparalleled leader in the energy industry, both because of its clout but also its sterling reputation. Roxxon even diversified into high-tech research and development, aiding in the development of the S.H.I.E.L.D. intelligence agency. Unfortunately, in recent years the company has backed many suspect endeavors in its drive for political and economic power. Despite being implicated in these shady practices, Roxxon Oil executives and employees have skirted outright arrest and conviction.

Roxxon's current reputation and business practices largely began with Hugh Jones, its President, a corrupt and cutthroat businessman. The board under his direction was responsible for the death of Tony Stark's parents and the aquisition of the Brand Corporation. (The Brand Corp. became Roxxon's front for mutagenics and robotics research, spawning such villains as Orka, Manticore, Nemesis, Killer Shrike, Bushmaster, and Delphine Courtney. Their development of battle suits researched the Cat's costume (leading to Hellcat's adoption of the costume) and created the Grasshopper. Jones was best known for falling victim to the Serpent Crown, which nearly allowed him to seize control of the U.S. capital, until the Avengers brought him down.

Most recently, Aleksander Lukin, president of the Kronos Corporation, used the Cosmic Cube to force Roxxon executives to sign over control of large portions of the company to him, including many of its power generating facilities; however, Roxxon still exists in its entirety as a corporate subsidiary.

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