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Marvel Universe

Sakaar existed just beyond a wormhole in the Tayo Star System, of the Fornax Galaxy.

Unrevealed, possibly the Big Bang

Points of Interest
The Arena of the Red King

The planet Sakaar was a barren world wrought with violence.

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #92 (2006)

The desolate planet Sakaar is located near a wormhole, in the Tayo Star System, of the Fornax Galaxy. Many very powerful beings have found refuge on Sakaar. The planet is also home to various robotic and android beings of unknown origin; it is presumed that the technology as well as the inhabitants of Sakaar came to reside on the planet via the wormhole. Sakaar has been in a constant state of war by the barbaric refugees that called the planet home. The planet was ruled by the very powerful Red King, before he was overthrown by the Hulk and the Warbound warriors.

A fiendish plot by Miek brought an end to Hulk's peaceful reign, and once again thrust the world into chaos and destruction. With Hulk and his Warbound off-world in a mad quest of revenge, the tribes of Sakaar fought for supremacy. Axeman Bone was recognized as a dominant force throughout the land, but his might was challenged by the presumed dead son of the Green King, Skaar. The two warriors clashed several times until Skaar's immaturity endangered all of Sakaar's inhabitants, leaving Caiera no choice but to banish him from the only home he'd ever known. Even as Skaar struggled against his mother's will, the planet-devouring Galactus arrived and laid waste to yet another world in order to satisfy his hunger.

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