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Marvel Universe 

Sanctum Sanctorum


Marvel Universe

177A Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, New York, New York

Doctor Stephen Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange

Points of Interest
Storage area for Occult artifacts.

Wong's Storage Cellar, Strange's bedchambers, guest quarters, Wong's bedchamber, Study, Meditain Chamber, Library, Storage Area for Occult Artifacts.

The odd three-story townhouse at 177A Bleecker Street in New York's Greenwich Village is known in some circles as the residence of occult expert Doctor Strange. Few, however, realize that it is also the Sanctum Sanctorum of Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.

The site upon which the townhouse was built was one of pagan sacrifices and arcane American Indian rituals, dating back-untold generations. The structure of the townhouse and the grounds beneath it have become a focal point for supernatural energies. It was this "aura" that originally attracted Doctor Strange to the dwelling at the onset of his mystical career. The house, reputed by local residents to be haunted, is indeed magically "alive."

Among the many oddities of the building is that there would appear to be more space inside that would seem from without. There are labyrinthine corridors and seemingly endless successions of rooms. Furthermore, the arrangement of room, hallways, and furniture seems to change from time to time, apparently by itself. There, are, however, a number of rooms that remain constant in location and appearance.

The Sanctum Sanctorum is protected from magical invasion by an intricate, permanent spell of mystical force constructed by Doctor Strange to interweave with the house's inherent energies.

When the Defenders met at Doctor Strange's Sanctum, they usually confined themselves to the first floor living room area and its adjoining library.

The Orb of Agomotto is kept in its own special room on the third floor. It is not in his meditation chamber.

There is an alleyway on Fenno Place that leads to a small courtyard. It is here that Valkyrie often tethered her horse Aragorn.

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