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Marvel Universe 

Sapphire Crescent


Marvel Universe

Unknown; formerly fortune teller's shop, Khonshu's staff, several unrevealed locations

Unrevealed Egyptian craftsman

Formerly Moon Knight, Khonshu, several unidentified individuals

Made to topple a Pharaoh who neglected his people, the Sapphire Crescent was never delivered to the palace as its creator died before he could complete his journey. It was eventually found by thieves and sold then stolen once more until it finally made its way to a royal jeweler who set the crescent into the bejeweled staff of the Egyptian god, Khonshu, where it remained until it was again lost. For a while the Sapphire Crescent's location was a mystery, but it would be sought after at a time when the Hand rose to power as the only weapon known that could destroy the Beast of the Hand – an evil demon that briefly possessed Daredevil. Two individuals, Moon Knight and Shadowknight, raced to find the mystical item and although Moon Knight found it first, Shadowknight would steal it from him. A battle ensued, and in the end the Sapphire Crescent was not used to kill the Beast, but to seemingly murder Shadowknight instead. The crescent fell into the water with Shadowknight's body and has yet to be recovered.

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