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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Ms. Marvel #20 (1978)

Home World
Savage Lands; formerly underground city near the San Ardres Moutains, New Mexico Badlands; an unidentified planet within the Coal Sack Nebula

Technology Level
They have no major technological accomplishments.


Physical Description
The Saurians are advanced reptile beings, a vast majority of their race have a humanoid appearance, which include two eyes, two arms with hands consisting of four fingers and an opposable thumb, most members of their race have long tails that are used to maintain balance and can also be used as both an offensive and defensive weapon, They have two legs and two feet consisting of five toes. The Saurians range in skin or scale color varying from orange green and brown. They are known to have either red or yellow eyes and vary in length and weight, this is a hairless race of creatures.

The Saurians of Earth were spawn in the New Mexico desert by man’s first nuclear bomb test. Radiation interacted with the unique mineral structure of a local lizard species. In a few short generations, less that decade, the People, as they termed themselves, went from walking erect to having their own language and culture. Initially they hunted humans for food, but they soon realized that while on an individual basis they could defeat most humans, as a species they couldn’t match man’s numbers or technology. They hid underground, building a city beneath the mesa, venturing out at night.

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