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Marvel Universe 

Scarlet Spiders (Red Team)

Post-Civil War, the Scarlet Spiders are a group of three unknown people of the Initiative who identify themselves as "Red Team" on the field, first appearing in Avengers: The Initiative #3. All three of them wear an advanced version of the 'Iron Spider' Stark armor which Spider-Man wore pre-Civil War and during the event. During their first appearance, they take down the Shocker, Boomerang, and Hydro-Man. War Machine identifies them as "Scarlet Spiders" when contacting them. He also implies that they will be the successors to the Spider-Man identity once Peter Parker's powers are removed permanently. In Avengers: The Initiative #5, the three Scarlet Spiders are revealed to be part of another group called the Shadow Initiative under the command of Henry Gyrich. In Avengers: The Initiative #7, the Scarlet Spiders were forced to expose themselves to the public during their pursuit of three criminals wearing the Vulturions costumes, as well as dealing with an angered Peter Parker; their appearance in battle against and alongside Parker has raised public doubt over whether Parker is the original and/or only Spider-Man, despite his publicly revealing his dual identity in the early days of Civil War. However, the Scarlet Spiders, as a sign of trust, lied in public, stating that Peter Parker had always been one of them but is not the "real" Spider-Man. Afterwards, the Spiders were revealed to be clones of the deceased MVP, who treat their creator, Baron Von Blitzschlag, like a father. In Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1, it was revealed that the clones learned Spider-Man's moves from Taskmaster. As of Avengers: The Initiative #10, one of the Scarlet Spiders is deceased, beheaded by another MVP clone gone rogue, the self-styled "KIA". After KIA is subdued, the two remaining Scarlet Spiders decide to leave the Initiative and join Justice's Counter Initiative group. The group return to the Camp to help battle a crazed Thor clone, during which Michael is killed.