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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Avengers Infinity #2 (2000)

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Physical Description
Servitors appeared as golden humanoid size automations

The Servitors were humanoid automatons that appeared to be created from the bodies of the Walkers. It appeared that they were created to bore into a planet's core, as to prepare it for reshaping by the Walkers. This would convert the planet into raw materials that the Walkers manipulated. They also appeared to be like the white blood cells of the human immune system designed to fight off any outside intrusion into the Walkers bodies. The Servitors battled a group of cosmic Avengers. The Avenger stood in opposition of the Infinites plan, due to the impact that it would have on the universe. They possessed superhuman strength which was sufficient enough to floor the Asgardian Thor. They had two large red eyes placed on the sides of their heads and large openings on their face appearing to be a mouth. This opening was also used as offensive weapon which fired powerful force blast with enough to penetrate Quasar's quantum constructs. These Servitors were very formidable opponents due to their capabilities to regenerate themselves after being destroyed. Each shattered piece of a Servitor would reform into a complete and powerful Servitor automation.

Contributors: Ohitsme

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