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Marvel Universe 

Shooting Star

Shooting Star was born Victoria Starwin, in El Paso, Texas. She is the daughter of Remington Starwin, a wealthy Texas oil baron and amateur rodeo performer. When she was a child, her father encouraged his daughter's aspirations to perform professionally in rodeos. He hired scientists to build for her a special six-shooter that shoots star-shaped paralysis pellets for her sharp-shooting act. At some point in her performing career, she met a rodeo performer and former superhuman adventurer, the Texas Twister, and the two formed a dual act. Her father then had scientists design a pair of jet-boots that enabled her to stabilize her flight when swept up in the Twister's cyclonic vortex. Shooting Star and Texas Twister were the star attractions at Cody's Rodeo Extravaganza when they intercepted a shortwave radio message sent by Rick Jones meant for the hero team known as the Avengers. Jones was being held captive by the villainous Corruptor, who had the Hulk under his influence. Shooting Star and Texas Twister went to answer the distress call and discovered that three other individuals had responded as well — Firebird, the Phantom Rider (then called Night Rider), and Red Wolf. Although the five Southwestern adventurers were unable to stop the Hulk's rampage, they did enable him to defeat the Corruptor. At the battle's end, Texas Twister suggested that the five of them get together whenever a threat to the Southwest crops up. They agreed and took the collective name of the Rangers. However, because of the geographical separation among the members, the first incarnation of the Rangers didn't last long. Shooting Star's identity was at some point taken over by an unnamed demon in the employ of Master Pandemonium, who believed Firebird to be one of the possessors of his fragmented soul. To keep the Rangers from meeting regularly and perhaps posing a threat to him before he had completed his study of Firebird, Pandemonium dispatched the demon to take Shooting Star's place. Firebird nevertheless believed the demon to be hiding among the Avengers' West Coast branch and with her guidance the Rangers confronted the heroes, only to flush the demon in Shooting Star out of hiding. The demon claimed that Shooting Star was a human guise it had taken long before, that there never was a Victoria Star. The Avengers imprisoned the demon at their Compound and began an investigation of Master Pandemonium, but the Texas Twister, demonstrating a curious lack of concern, did not accompany them. Soon, however, Texas Twister returned to the Avengers Compound at a time when Hawkeye was alone, demanding to see the captive demon. Twister declared his love for the demon, which turned back into Shooting Star. Texas Twister went on to explain that the demon had come to him months ago when Twister's powers seemed to be fading, making him afraid that he'd lose Shooting Star if their rodeo act broke up on account of his lost powers. The demon offered to augment the Twister's powers in exchange for his soul, and the Twister agreed, but after his powers were restored he begged to be spared, so the demon possessed Shooting Star instead, casting a spell that prevented Twister from telling anyone about this. Twister studied the occult until he found a means to expel the demon from Star. The demon then possessed Twister himself and battled Hawkeye and Shooting Star. Ultimately, Star threatened to kill the demon rather than allow the possession to continue, and the demon reluctantly imprisoned itself in a statue. Texas Twister and Shooting Star were reunited.

After the Civil War event, Shooting Star was seen as a member of Texas' new government-sponsored superhero team, The Rangers. Victoria has been identified as one of the 142 registered superheroes who appear on the cover of the comic book Avengers: The Initiative #1. In Avengers: The Initiative #2, Victoria is seen attempting to convince the President to leave his home and get to cover away from the HYDRA attack, but he refuses, saying he has faith in the Initiative.