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Marvel Universe 

Sinister Twelve


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10 (2005)

Current Members:

Shortly after Spider-Man and the Black Cat broke Norman Osborn out of jail in a bid to learn the whereabouts of May Parker, they were met outside by a group of Spider-Man’s deadliest enemies. Formed by Norman Osborn and calling themselves the Sinister Twelve, they attacked the heroes as Osborn, now in his Green Goblin costume, made his way to kill Mary Jane. A battle followed in which the heroes were greatly outnumbered and brutally beaten. However Mary Jane knew that Osborn was going to kill her husband and contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. to help them. The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Yellowjacket, Iron Man and Captain America arrived on the scene and helped to defeat the villains. Spider-Man made his way to help Mary Jane but was attacked by Venom, who had managed to escape from the heroes. A brief battle followed in which Spider-Man used his webbing to topple an abandoned building on top of Gargan. He then found the Goblin and Mary Jane on top of the George Washington Bridge, where Osborn intended to throw Mary Jane off. Spider-Man saved his wife from the fall but Osborn tried to sneak up and attack Peter with his glider. However, Doctor Octopus, who had been brainwashed into killing Osborn, arrived and attacked the Green Goblin. The two villains fought but were struck by a lightning bolt and fell into the river below.

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