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Marvel Universe 

Sisters of Sin


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
They were stationed in the Red Skull's youth concentration camps.

First Appearance
(Sin) Captain America #290 (1990);(Sisters Agony, Death, Dream, and Pleasure) Captain America #294 (1984)

Current Members:

The Sisters of Sin was quasi-religious hate group formed to uphold the philosophies and beliefs of the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt). The group consisted of five teenage girls who had been artificially aged by the Skull using his Deus Machina. The first to be subjected to this strange procedure was his daughter Sinthea, who at the hands of Susan Scarbo (also known as Suprema), was twisted into a hateful and angry beast, mentally indoctrinating her, and empowering her as Mother Superior. The Skull also aged and empowered four orphan girls whom he had taught to revere Sinthea as a goddess, creating the Sisters of Sin. Each of these young sisters were given special talents unique to their own personalities; Sisters Agony (also known as pain), Sister Death, Sister Dream, and Sister Pleasure.

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