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Marvel Universe 

Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane

Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane


Marvel Universe

Southampton, Long Island, New York


Points of Interest
Meeting room where Taskmaster and management decide which students to send to various criminals to be used as hechmen.

First Appearance
Avengers #194 (1980)

Taskmaster used the Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane as a front for one of his training academies. Taskmaster's chief business administrator, Dr. Pernell Solomon, afflicted with a serious heart condition, had the academies scientific staff to generate a clone of himself. Giving the clone the name Selbe, Pernell intended to use Selbe’s heart for a transplant. Selbe, artificially aged to adulthood, escaped and alerted the Avengers to the existence of the illegal activities. The Avengers dismissed the Selbe’s claims believing him to be a patient himself. Unable to believe Selbe to be insane, Wasp investigated herself only to be captured. The Avengers decided to search for Wasp when she failed to attend a meeting. Yellowjacket and Ant-Man went inside first to locate Wasp only to be captured by Taskmaster himself. Displeased about his actions, Taskmaster would soon confront Dr. Pernell about the use of scientists for personal gain and exposing the institute’s activities. This caused Dr. Pernell to have a fatal heart attack. The Avengers interrupted before Taskmaster could use the captured Avengers for target practice. This lead to Taskmaster battled the Avengers with the help of his trainees. After holding his own against both Captain America and Iron Man, Taskmaster decided to not take a chance of getting captured and fled.

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