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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Base of Operations

First Appearance
(First Generation) Rom #1 (1979), (Second Generation) Rom #73 (1985); (Third Generation) Spaceknights #1 (2000); (Fourth Generation) Annihilation (2006)

Current Members:
Daystar, Ikon, Lightstorm, Lighteningbolt (Unrevealed}, Liberator (Unrevealed), others

For centuries Galador was a paradise, its vast armada soaring through the Golden Galaxy trading technology and philosophy with other worlds. Ruled by the Prime Director, Galador and its colonies enjoyed the golden age; war was unknown. Then, approximately 200 years ago, the Galadorian Armada entered the Dark Nebula, home to sorcerous Dire Wraiths. Without provocation the Wraiths destroyed the armada, and then turned their attention to Galador itself. The Prime Director asked for volunteers to sacrifice their humanity in order to save Galador. Despite his lover Ray-Na's misgivings, Rom, a poet whose name meant "Before All Others", was the first of millions to volunteer. Only around 1000 were compatible for bonding into cyborg armor to become living weapons: Spaceknights.

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