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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Orbiting the center of the Keystone Quadrant


Formerly Lord Dyvyne, Judson Jakes

Points of Interest
Spacewheel is a fortified space station with various functions including workshops for toy making

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #271 (1982)

Formerly under management by Inter-Stel Mechanics, a company ran by Judson Jakes, the Spacewheel became the headquarters for Lord Dyvyne and his company, Dyvynities Inc. Spacewheel is perfectly placed in the middle of the Keystone Quadrant enabling it to survey over all and defend itself from almost any attacker. The only time Spacewheel was breached by an intruder was when a visiting Hulk aided Rocket Raccoon in rescuing his girlfriend, Lylla from the clutches of Jakes and Uncle Pyko.

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