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Marvel Universe

New York

With designs made by Spider-Man (Peter Parker), the Human Torch (Johnny Strom) built the vehicle from hand.

Corona Motors

Points of Interest
The Spider-Mobile has a spider-signal spotlight and webbing that can be shot out of the front of the vehicle. The Spider-Mobile also contains an ejector seat for emergencies. By pressing a button in the car, the Spider-Mobile can be disguised to look like an inconspicuous '50s Chevrlolet fleetline. After Tinkerer’s adjustments, the vehicle could be driven by remote control, drive up walls and launch gas bombs. These gas bombs were able to temporarily nullify Spider-Man’s wall-crawling abilities and jam his web-shooters.

First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man # 130 (1974)

Approached by two advertising executives called Carter and Lombardo, Spider-Man was offered to advertise a new car with a Corona Engine built by Corona Motors, whom the two executives were representing. Initially refusing, due to his thinking that Spider-Man was a bad choice to advertise a car, Spider-Man later accepted because of a threat of eviction for his overdue rent. As Spider-Man accepted their cash settlement, he found out there was a catch: he had to build the car from scratch. Turning to his friend Johnny Storm, whose mechanical expertise came in handy while building the vehicle, the Spider-Mobile was soon up and running.

After some driving tips from the Human Torch, Spider-Man used the Spider-Mobile to catch some criminals working for the Hammerhead (although he failed to capture Hammerhead himself). On one occasion, Spider-Man was tricked by Mysterio (Daniel Berkhart) into accidentally driving the vehicle into the Hudson River. As Spider-Man swam to safety, he left the Spider-Mobile in its watery grave. Months later, Spider-Man read a notice in the Daily Bugle stating that Corona Motors would sue Spider-Man unless he turned up with the Spider-Mobile they paid him to promote. Diving into the Hudson River, all Spider-Man could locate was the side-view mirror of the vehicle. The Spider-Mobile had mysteriously disappeared.

In fact the Terrible Tinkerer had stumbled upon the vehicle and fixed it, making some adjustments in the process by adding gas bombs among other things. Using remote controls, the Tinkerer used the vehicle to attack Spider-Man, launching its gas bombs and temporarily cancelling out Spider-Man’s powers. Although he managed to escape this encounter, Spider-Man later met up with the Spider-Mobile. This time, however, the Spider-Mobile used its webbing to snag Spider-Man and bring him back to the Tinkerer. Spider-Man fought the Tinkerer and eventually beat him, webbing up the Spider-Mobile and returning it to Carter and Lombardo with his compliments.