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Marvel Universe 

Spider-Woman (Earth-1610)

I, Jane Eleanor Knight, wish to become Spider Woman Earth-1610 in a new reality series produced by Marvel Entertainment. The Spider Woman will be based on the What If? creation in 1978, with the costume consisting of a violet-and-red strapless bustier containing black webbing; red control belt with spider emblem on the buckle; lavender trunks worn over suntan pantyhose; plus red-and-black matching gloves, mask and boots. There will also be web shooter cartridges beneath my gloves as well as a spider web design at the armpits. My trunks will be special "smart underwear" which regulates body temperature; instantly eradicates waste molecules exiting my bloodstream; exponentially increases my IQ the longer I wear the costume; and gives me eternal gratification. Unlike Betty Brant, who wore the costume, then disposed of it in a trash can, I will wear mine FOREVER! I will even legally change my name to Betty Brant in order to honor her character. As Spider-Woman Earth 1610, I wish to help law enforcement everywhere capture the world's notorious criminals.