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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name

Spider-Man, Peter Parker, "Ultimate Spider-Clone", "Freakface", "the third Peter Parker"



Place of Birth
Professor Warren's Catskills Lab

First Appearance
(Third Peter Parker) Spectacular Spider-Man #222 (1995); (Spidercide) Spider-Man: Jackal Files #1 (1995)

Spectacular Spider-Man #222 & 224 (1995); Spider-Man: The Jackal Files #1 (1995)

Spidercide was a Peter Parker clone, Fine-tuned by his creator the Jackal (Miles Warren) to become what evolution would do to Spider-Man over 10,000 years. An amnesiac when accidentally released from his genetic canister, he later believed he was Peter Parker imprisoned for five years. Seeking to protect Mary Jane Watson-Parker against Kaine, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and the Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Spidercide underwent a genetic transformation into a killing machine triggered by his rage. After an exploding propane truck apparently destroyed him, a Scriers cult member retrieved his remains, restoring him. He returned to the Jackal who costumed him, naming him Spidercide. Infiltrating Genetech Research, he stole a vital ingredient for the Jackal’s Carrion virus and released it in Springville, Pennslyvania, killing thousands. Later joining the Scrier, Spidercide attacked the Jackal but fell from the Daily Bugle building. Pronounced dead, he was placed in stasis where he apparently remains.