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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk 92

Home World
Formerly an unknown planet possibly in the Fornax galaxy; currently Sabyr the broken moon of Sakaar.

Technology Level
The Spikes were capable of advanced space travel due to their creating spiked-shaped warships.


Physical Description
Their physiology remains relatively primitive. Their bodies consist primarily of an amorphous ball of cytoplasm protected by a thin outer plasma wall.

An extraterrestrial race of unknown origin, the history of the Spikes, prior to their arrival on the planet Sakaar remains a mystery. The voracious Spikes seem to be driven solely by an instinctive need to eat, grow, and reproduced. But to do so they require massive amounts of organic material. It is speculated that decades ago, the Spikes ingested all of the organic material on their home planet, forcing them to develop space travel technology so they could venture to other planets in an attempt to satisfy their insatiable hunger. While other star-faring species were driven to space travel by the thrill of exploration or desire for conquest, the spikes were interested in only feeding.

The Spikes are an intelligent species with their own language, culture, traditions and history, but they are so different physiologically from essentially humanoid inhabitants of Sakaar that Imperial scientist have been unable to decipher how to communicate with them. But Although Spikes possess highly evolved nucleus-brains and are capable of rapid adaptation and construction of advanced technology when it suits them, their physiology remains relatively primitive. Their bodies consist primarily of an amorphous ball of cytoplasm protected by a thin outer plasma wall. Spikes have few internal organs, the most important being their complex brain-like nucleus. Although they seem to lack a central nervous system, the Spikes exhibit total control over their cytoplasm, able to create tentacle-like extensions for mobility and manipulation of tools. If necessary, Spikes can pull themselves into shapes approximating the forms of other creatures in order to operate weapons or vehicles created from other species, although it is very stressful for them to hold these shapes for extended periods of time. Plus they have proven unable to fully mimic the appearance of other species since their bodies remain translucent and semi-liquid.

The Spikes first arrived on Sakaar in the year 504 Post. When their armada of enormous, spiked-shaped vessels first darkened the skies above Kumar Province and launched a devastating attack upon the province's outlying cities, the Imperials once opposed the Father Emperor immediately toned down their anti-Empire rhetoric and looked to their for guidance in this time of crisis. It soon became apparent that these strange new aliens arrived on Sakaar to eat, and tended to regard the humanoids on the planet as food rather than sentient organisms. The Father Emperor promptly declared war on these "Spikes," named for the shape of their terrifying vehicles and the daggers-like pseudopods with which they infected their victims, and minor skirmishes erupted across the Empire as new Spike armadas entered Sakaar's atmosphere everyday. After a costly decades-long war, the Father Emperor eventually forced the few Spike survivors to enter one of their own warships, which Imperial scientist had reconfigured to take Spikes into permanent exile on Sabyr, Sakaar's broken moon. With their ships and technology destroyed it was assumed that the Spikes were to be Stranded of Sabyr forever.

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