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Marvel Universe 

Stacy X


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Miranda Leevald

X-Stacy, Ripcord



Place of Birth
Unidentified location in East Texas

First Appearance
Uncanny X-Men #399 (2001)

When Miranda Leevald manifested her mutant abilities as a teenager, she apparently ran way from home and was later recruited by the X-Ranch, basically a mutant brothel. Not many of the girls at the X-Ranch had to actually touch their customers to provide them with sexual stimulation, but Miranda had to have skin-to-skin contact to activate her powers.

Not long after that, Archangel heard about the X-Ranch, so the X-Men sent Iceman undercover as "Mr. Fries", and he was assigned to Stacy. While Stacy was in session with Iceman, Archangel burst in to the room to bust Stacy but they were interrupted and attacked by the Church of Humanity, and their so called priests killed everyone except Stacy who was saved by the X-Men. Stacy stayed with the X-Men for a while, engaging in several raids on the Church of Humanity, and was more or less, accepted into the group.

At one of the raids, Stacy X accidentally activated a teleporting device from the Church and was teleported to their headquarters. She was later captured and tortured in the Supreme Pontiff of the Church, but she did not give up any information, instead making up a story of her life, very much resembling the life of Marvel Girl, "making" Stacy a founding member of the X-Men, to her captors. If parts of her story about her life before meeting the X-Men, is true is yet unknown, and so is why she chose that particular lie. She was later rescued by the X-Men and returned to the Institute, but she took a break to handle some other "business" with a client in Chappaqua, NY. After some time, Wolverine tracked hew down and fought her but they soon came to an understanding. He then talked Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) out of whatever censure he was contemplating, but Stacy kept on doing "jobs" for special clients during her time with the X-Men.

In the end it seemed that the life of teamwork with the X-Men was not suited for Stacy so she left the group in connection with her failing to make the males at the Institute (Nightcrawler and Archangel) respond to her advances, and when Warren (Archangel) got romantically evolved with Paige Elisabeth Guthrie (Husk). Stacy X then left a nude workout videotape of her, for Warren. When Warren (unaware of the contents of the tape) was watching it, Paige came in, but Warren denied any feelings for Stacy and closed her out of his mind.

Following the events of the House of M and the Scarlet Witch's unstable reality altering magic, Miranda Leevald is now a normal human with no mutant abilities, but she is still in her old profession as a prostitute, on the streets of NYC, (with a skin condition) but unlike before when she had her powers, she now actually sleeps with her customers.

Recently, Miranda joined the New Warriors as Ripcord and died in action.