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Marvel Universe 

Star Chamber


Marvel Universe


The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal

Points of Interest
all the beings in the Omniverse

A golden court and chamber

First Appearance
She-Hulk #7 (2004)

The Living Tribunal's apparent base of operations was a dimension known as the Star Chamber, and it was served by lesser creatures called the Magistrati, who assisted in judging matters where the Living Tribunal could not intervene. In the Star Chamber, Z9 tells She-Hulk that as a member of the Magistrati that she will often be called to try cases on alien worlds. Worlds with their own unique brands of justice and dress. Z9 presents her with her own omniversal wardrobe. During her time as cosmic counsel, She-Hulk earned the enmity of Zoma the Watcher for forcing his brother Qyre to be stricken silent.

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