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Marvel Universe 

Stark (Earth-691)



First Appearance
Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (1990)

Home World
The planet Stark

Technology Level
They managed to duplicate and enhance the armored weaponry of Anthony Stark


Physical Description
The Stark were humanoid type beings with a purple or blue skin pigment. The females of the race were very dominate and aggressive towards the males of their race. The males were of a subservient class that was look upon as just above the slaves.

In the future reality known as the 31st Century, Earth was invaded and defeated by the inhabitants of the planet Mars called the Martian Masters. In a desperate effort to keep his armor and its advanced circuitry out of the hands of the Martians, Iron Man jettisoned a cache of his armor and technology into space. The rocket containing this technology would eventually find a resting place on an unknown planet outside of the Sol galaxy, where a group of primitive but intelligent blue and purple skinned aliens resided. They would eventually learn to use this technology, and at some point they learned to duplicate the armor, producing armored suits for all the inhabitants of the planet. As a tribute to their technological god they erected a large statue in his likeness and named their race and world the "Stark." Massive factories soon began to cover the landscape like a cancerous tumor. Within three generations they had polluted their environment to such a degree that the air had become toxic to them, forcing the inhabitants of the planet to live in temperature controlled domes. The once fertile planet could no longer sustain life. The Stark continued to abuse the planet until it was on the verge of total destruction. They moved on to ravage other planets among the stars of their minerals and people whom the Stark used as slaves.

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