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Marvel Universe 

Starshine (Brandy Clark)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Brandy Clark


Publicly known

Galador; formerly USA of the planet Earth

Place of Birth
Clairton, West Virginia

First Appearance
Rom #1 (1979)

Brandy Clark was the first person of Earth to encounter the Galadorian Spaceknight known as Rom, who was dispatched to Earth in search of the shape-shifting Dire Wraiths. The startled Brandy was analyzed to ensure that she was not a Wraith in disguise, after determining that she was human, Rom left Brandy to search for the Wraiths. Brandy and Rom would cross paths yet again outside of the town theater, where Rom found a couple of Wraiths that were disguised as humans and he used his neutralizing weapon to banish them to Limbo. However, the innocent bystanders of this incident thought that the people had been disintegrated by the silver alien, due to the ash that was left in their place on the street. After several more coincidental meetings with Rom, Brandy eventually manifested feelings for him. The Wraith sorcerer, Doctor Dredd gained knowledge of her infatuation with Rom, and exploited it after merging her to the armor of the fallen Starshine. Dredd cast a spell of manipulation pitting her against the Torpedo allowing him to escape capture.

In Russia the computer Quasimodo offered to make Rom human again, by cloning him; Quasimodo then stole Rom’s vacant body-armor, while the clone realized his body was rapidly decaying. Doctor Dredd and Brandy teleported in and attacked “Rom”, unaware of the switch. Brandy came to her senses after killing “Rom” (actually driving Quasimodo out of the armor), while the clone slew Doctor Dredd. With the assistance of Gremlin, Rom was restored and the Spaceknights, along with Brandy returned to Clairton, West Virginia, where the Wraiths had replaced the town’s key people; including Steve, Torpedo, and Brandy’s parents. The Spaceknights were ambushed, and trapped in a shadow dimension. Traumatized by her loss, Brandy turned ruthless and vengeful, morphing her armor into a more warlike configuration, and broke the Spaceknights free. After being freed the Spaceknights cleansed Clairton of the Wraith infestation. Later Brandy was stripped of her Spaceknight armor by the human-Wraith Hybrid. After banishing the capture Wraith army, Rom said farewell to Brandy and departed Earth. Sometime later the Beyonder briefly restored Brandy’s Starshine powers, before sending her in human form to Galador to be with Rom.

The other Spaceknights vowed to protect Galador from the stars while Brandy and Rom repopulated their world.

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