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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations

First Appearance
Avengers #32 (2000)

Current Members:
None identified

The Steelskulls were a group of lackeys trained by the Taskmaster to aid the Grim Reaper in the capture of the Maggia leader, Madame Masque. During their attempt to capture Madame Masque, the Steelskulls were confronted by the Avengers. The Avengers quickly began to overpower the Steelskulls when Madame Masque sent her robotic Inner Guard into the fray. The three groups battled each other until Count Nefaria arrived. The Avengers quickly turned their attention towards Nefaria as the Steelskulls continued their attacks. The Vision soon dropped himself on Nefaria at maximum density, causing an impact that knocked all of the Steelskulls unconscious, where they remained for the rest of the battle against Nefaria.

Contributors: Proto-Man

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