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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Morgan Stark's underground base known as Helicon

First Appearance
Iron Man #330 (1996)

Current Members:
Group is no longer active

The Stockpile were a team of mercenaries Hired by Morgan Stark to break into an old Stark International Research and Development complex on Long Island, New York and steal the Iron Man armors. The crew consisted of Brass (Robot Construct) that was control via remote by Morgan Stark, Calico (Pania Panapa) who was an expert scout and she specialized as a covert opperative due to the unique capabilities of her suit, which allowed her to become virtually invisible, Joust (Boudica Gorman) was an energy pistol tooting shooting killer, Sunstreak (Andrea Roarke) wiled extreme solar energy that appeared to engulf her head and gave her the ability to project heat blast and flight, Unicorn (Aaidan Blomfield) was a very powerful individual whose body underwent an experimental "hyper-activator" process that augmented his strength and endurance, and his body was toughened enough to resist powerful physical damage. Although, they appeared to be very powerful the Stockpile was easily defeated by Iron Man and War Machine.

Contributors: Ohitsme

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