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Marvel Universe 

Subjugated by the Red King

Weakened by his journey, Hulk was taken captive and sold into slavery - sent to the Great Arena to die in the games. Overcoming the first task set before him, Hulk was given the opportunity to be pardoned by the Red King, but instead he chose to attack him. He was knocked out by the Red King when he became distracted, and soon he was joined by several others that would have to learn to rely on each other in order to survive. They became Warbound. The Hulk and his team of misfit warriors bested one challenge after another and became known as the finest warriors on the planet - inspiring many to rebel against the Red King.

Hulk was forced to fight an enslaved Silver Surfer. Hulk attacked the Surfer and managed to release him from the Obedience Disk embedded within his chest. Freed of the implant that kept him prisoner, the Surfer destroyed the rest of the disks in the remaining gladiators. The Hulk declined the Silver Surfer's offer of transportation back to his world so he could settle things on Sakaar. Hulk then stood with the Warbound against the tyrannous Red King.

After several hard fought battles, the evolution of Miek, and finally gaining the confidence of Caiera the Oldstrong, Hulk confronted the Red King. With few still loyal to him, the King in his Death's Head armor fought Hulk. Seeing he was no match for his opponent, the Red King activated a rupture under the very surface of the planet. Hulk leaped into the molten earth and forced the splitting plates back to their proper assemblage, saving Sakaar. The Hulk delivered a finishing blow to his enemy, knocking him clear of the city walls. The Wildebots came upon the Red King and finished him, seemingly killing him.

Hulk was pronounced king, and peace was brought to the savage planet. Caiera took him as her husband and became pregnant. It would seem Hulk could stop fighting after all, but this was not to be. A fateful explosion killed his queen, and his kingdom was torn apart. Hulk sought revenge on the men he blamed for his predicament, and the Warbound accompanied him to Earth to help him get it. If Hulk stayed on Sakaar, he would have discovered his twin sons – Skaar and Hiro-Kala – miraculously survived the blast.