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Marvel Universe 

Sword in the Star


Marvel Universe

The Sword in the Star has transformed its self into the Enigma Force which powers and secures the Microverse.


Formerly Prince Wayfinder

Prince Wayfinder used the mystical power of the Sword in the Star to defeat the insane conquerors known as the Haamin. Survivors of this confrontation became wanderers, homeless refugees. Prince Wayfinder used the Sword in the Star to take them 65 million years into the past to settle Earth in prehistory, but found that they did not belong there either. A people out of time, a paradoxical civilization of future and past, the Sword offered them a new universe, accessed by the energies released when shrinking beyond the sub-atomic level, this action created the Microverse, fulfilling the last part of its destiny. The Sword in the Star brought the wanderers into the Microverse and bound its energy there. Known only as the Enigma Force, it is the foundation of the Microverse, and the power that finally gave the Wayfinder's people a home.

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