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Talk:Armor Wars

Talk:Armor Wars


Firepower didn't have any of Tony Starks Technology incorporated into it at all.It was used a ploy to lure Tony into Arizona (or whereever the fight was) Tony stuck a negator pack onto it and it had no effect. I tried to edit it but I guess either no one has noticed it or they just don't know if it is true. --_iron_man_--

Actually, Firepower DID use Stark tech. If you read IRON MAN #230, not only does Senator Boynton tell Tony Stark that Firepower uses the "same electronic components" as the Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo (so said the KGB, he says, when informing Stark of the "trap" they were setting in the desert for the "rogue" Iron Man), but Jack Taggert (as Firepower) himself tells Iron Man in battle that "they analyzed the gizmo you stopped Stingray with! Then figured out a way to shield this armor from it!" ("Stopped" Stingray is actually not true -- Stingray's armor never had Stark tech, but that didn't stop the government from analyzing the Stark left-behind negator pack.) -- IronHube at 8:56 5, May 2007

Huh...You're correct.hmmm...Guess I should have reread #230 more carefully. I'm gonna go reread #231 now_Iron_man_ 12:33, 5 May 2007 (EDT)