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Marvel Universe 

Talk:Azazel (mutant)

Talk:Azazel (mutant)


Azazel is a known mutant of demonic and magical powers. For what we have seen in the comics he wields similar powers to Nightcrawler and more. He is able to travel from a dimension (named The Brimstone Dimension). To what we have learned he has many upon many children with different mother and one of them is the wall crawler Nightcrawler, which Azazel can control all his children and make an army of demonic mutants. To of which Azazel had been upon Earth and fell into a beautiful woman (Raven Darkholme who is mainly known as Mystique) who he fell in love and bore a child. Azazel soon found Mystique to be a metamorphic mutant. Out of all of his children Nightcrawler has been the only one that has defied Azazel's control, this was due to Nightcrawler lve for his friends and family. So the X-men soon defeated Azazel and the remaining children under his control and sent him back to another dimension.