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Talk:Beast (Henry McCoy)

Talk:Beast (Henry McCoy)

Umm, a little help?

I was trying to make a small edit to the text of the article (substituting leonine for lion-esque) but the change doesn't seem to have gone through, even though I am now listed as a contributor. Is there something I don't know about making changes to the article?

I don't know what happened. Try it again.--MikeFichera 12:32, 7 June 2006 (EDT), Moderator

There we go. It took a while before it went through, but it worked this time. If anyone wants to see what I mean about lion-esque being incorrect; just do a google search for each word; 899 hits for "lion-esque," and ~400,000 for "leonine." Just seemed kind of goofy for Beast, of all superheroes, to have simple errors in his write-up. ;-) --H3Knuckles