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Question about Bug (Cosmic character from the Micronauts)...

His hair is listed a dark green, however, the picture of him unmasked in his profile(and pretty much every other image of him unmasked in the comics) depicts him as having black hair (with grey highlights). Shouldn't his hair color be changed to black?

Colors may vary from issue to issue, comic to comic. Someone like Wolverine with black hair may be colored with blue highlights - or brown or grey, etc. depending on the colorist, the lighting, where he's located, etc. In real people, dark brown hair often looks black. In Bug's case, his hair - inked black - is actually a very dark green. The official color is listed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, A-Z, 2006. --MikeFichera 06:04, 30 August 2007 (CDT) (moderator)