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Talk:Captain America (James Barnes)

Talk:Captain America (James Barnes)

Winter Soldier comic

I think a Winter Soldier comic would a very good read. I hope they don't just kill him after a "heartfelt" reunion with Captain America. Also I want to no if anyone thinks he will be in the Civil War.

I don't own may comics with Captain America or Winter Soldier, but from what I've learned, he doesn't currently seem to be a very big character, so I don't think he'd be in the Civil War. sononsj 20:43, 8 May 2006 (EDT)

Ya, you’re most likely right, but if I was iron-man, I would want him on my side, if for no other reason then to mess with Captain America.--x10ofspades 21:48, 8 May 2006 (EDT)

i agree with all of u i think makind a new comic about him would be a good idea anyway dont they mention him in yong avengers #1.--Danny

I think that is a hot bio.

Nice art work and concept.

Would his character be one of sorting and council?

sounds good.

Does anyone think that a team of:Winter Soldier,Blacksuit Spiderman,Nighthawk, and patriot would be a good idea especially after the Caps Death? if you do give me some good team names. I was kinda thinking like Wars Defenders but give some ideas.


Am I the only one who thinks his official stats (and fan ones) are waaaaay off? He's listed, officially, as with intelligence 5 (Genius), speed 5 (Supersonic), and durability 5 (Bulletproof). Except for the arm, that enhances his strenght (and only in that arm), he's a normal human. lordmagnusen

They're not the official stats - I'll fix them. Thanks ---MikeFichera 22:44, 13 June 2007 (CDT), Mod.

Thanks Mike... I just said "official stats" cuz from what I can see, with the new layout (excellent, btw), the blue stats say official and the other ones fan. lordmagnusen