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Talk:Captain Britain (Brian Braddock)

Talk:Captain Britain (Brian Braddock)


The bio is wrong. It says that Brian was his father's third child. In fact his was born along with Besty, they are twins. - votemarvel

The bio is not wrong. Though Betsy is his twin sister, she is also Brian's elder by a matter of a few minutes, thus making Brian the third child of Sir James Braddock. Stuart Vandal 15:20, 5 June 2006 (EDT)


I have a question.......Was it ever revealed if Merlyn was the real Merlyn of british folklore? I've heard that this Merlyn was a deceptive liar. --fantasticthing

His profile in one of the new handbooks he is said also been Merlin from the folklore as he has connection to every incarnation of himself in any universe. Also you are right as the profile says that what he says can't really be trusted neither is what he does as he is skilled illusionist. Still Merlin in main universe might be totally different character but this Merlyn has a connection with him as many other Merlin's in the omniverse. --Wezqu 13:44, 15 November 2007 (CST)