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Talk:Caretaker (Sara)

Talk:Caretaker (Sara)


Good morning Acotilletta2, I was wondering why you left out, her education in theology. She would have to have some religious training to become a nun/sister? --ohitsme 03:13, 2 April 2009 (EDT)

Hey, how are you? I only stated what I read in the Ghost Rider books. We can assume she has religious teachings because a nun in real life would, but I didn't put that in because it was never specifically told what they do or know or teach in their fictional convent - except for combat training. I can always add it, but unless facts are stated somewhere in a comic or a handbook, I don't like to take too many liberties with Marvel characters because I don't know what the creator had in mind when they wrote them into the book. I don't want the mods, or anyone else, to think I'm rewriting or adding to an established creator's work because I feel a character should be a certain way. I will add that it can be assumed she was educated in the teachings of the Bible this way it satisfies both our view points and it won't seem as if I'm trying to write Marvel's character for them. --acotilletta