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Talk:Champions (of Xandar)

Talk:Champions (of Xandar)

NOVA v1 #1 and FANTASTIC FOUR #204 both said Zorr attacked Xandar, not the Luphomoids as a whole. Zorr wanted Xandar's geothermal power to repower his homeworld. It was also never stated that the battle wiped out other Luphomoids (because they were never referred to as being involved).

The inhabitants of the planet Luphom were referred to as Luphomoids in NEW WARRIORS #41 and in previous Handbooks, rather than Luphoms.

The Watcher saved the four largest cities on Xandar; it was the Xandarians themselves who connected them together. (FF#204)

"Worldmind" is the official designation of the Living Computers, and the only way they're referred to now. It also doesn't house Xandarian's memories, it houses their brains themselves; and in FF#205 it's said it's 10 million years old, rather than millennia.

The Sphinx' crew referred to themselves as the Champions once, and then the New Champions repeatedly; should that designation be included? Also, where does it say that the Champions were Xandar's foremost warriors? I didn't find it in ROM #24 or anywhere else...

When the Worldmind was reactivated, it either had the Protector's brain inside it, or his consciousness itself -- so it wasn't really a "facsimile" of his mind, it actually *was* his mind.

"StarCorps" was a new term Fabian Nicieza introduced as an official name for the Nova Corps, rather than a new name for a new group -- he referred to the StarCorps as "reinstated" and "rebuilt" a couple times, indicating that the Novas have traditionally been called the StarCorps. (NOVAv2 #1)