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Talk:Colossus (Piotr Rasputin)

Talk:Colossus (Piotr Rasputin)

is colossus invinceable

is colossus invinceable in tranformation? fill me in. the butler out

I dont think so bullets cant kill him but im sure he can still be killed even in the metal form

No he can be killed or he is vulnerable when he is in metal form. In the "The End" series he is stabbed by a Warskrull in his side when he is in metal form. [PigmanIV]

Colossus is for the most part invulnerable, large amounts of explosive will hurt him (over 450 lbs of TNT) and most guns will not hurt him. Neither will extremes in temperature (-390 degrees farenheit to 9000 degrees farenheit), he does not need to breath and can handle immense pressure, he can be injured will in amored form but in his amored form he has an advanced healing factor.

I didn't know about the breathing factor. I seem to remember a game I played that had Colossus in it and the only way the villain could keep him back was to create a bubble around Colossus to where he couldn't breathe. But probably I'm wrong. Anyway I could check it out to find the answer?-Venomocity

Colossus' Strength

Why does this site not recognize Colossus' strength level? In several Marvel publications Colossus' strength level is 100 tons. I tried to edit his bio but whoever approves the edits did not approve of the edit.

I agree with the above

I agree also. Colossus has been listed as class 100 in the Master Edition Handbooks.

Colossus's strength has yet to be determined as to its full extent, he is capable of lifting 100 tons or more, but the total amount he can lift has never been disclosed.

I agree,But breifly in the secert Wars hes bean said to have been able to lift more than a 100 tons,Hes (i dont think)to be in the secert Wars.

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