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Talk:Colossus (Ultimate)

Talk:Colossus (Ultimate)

I always expected there to be a gay twist in ultimate Xmen and I always assumed it would be flushed out with Northstar, the obvious and safe choice but when Colossus came out of the closet I was floored. I'm loving Marvel more and more these days for really acurately portraying the diversity in the world and not glazing over the topics that might be unpopular or tabou. Now what I'd really like to see is an issue or a mini-series about Colossus coming to grips with his sexuality coupled with the burden of being a mutant set against the backdrop of him being a teenager, now that would be a story tell!

                      WTF???? descendant of Grigori Rasputin gay???? WtF is that sh*t!
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I would like an honest Opinion. who do you think would win, Colossus or Wolverine. they are both made of indestructable metals and collosus cannot be harmed when equipped with his metal skin and wolverine can regenerate. who will win? ).--User:IronMan429