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This information for this profiles came from the Warlock chronicles #1. Darklore gives a brief history of himself and his familiar Meer'lyn. He discovery Adam Warlock in a catatonic state. They Soul Gem tries to possess Darklore, hoping to control him. The gem is unable to control Warlock like it did most of the previous host. Darklore explains his intention to liberate the dimension of Egolix-7 from its evil dictator. Darklore led Warlock to the rip dimensional fiber, which led him back to his home dimension.

Warlock and the infinity Watch #29 & 31-34, 1994 Warlock and Watch pop up while Darklore and Meer'lyn are preparing to storm the Fortress of Count Abyss. Warlock and the others agree to join there cause since his intentions were to attack Abyss, in hopes to rescue Maya. Abyss drugged Warlock and Maya with a love potion, ( I left that out since this is a bout Darklore). Meer'lyn was instructed to retrieve the mystic talisman, (they never defined which talisman this was or the exact effects that it had against the powers of Abyss). They do share that Abyss powers are magical because they are granted by his benefactor Zalkor. The problem is Zalkor is only describe as Omnipotent, just as Abyss is. The Watch and Darklore were all captured and imprisoned. they were rescued by Meer'lyn, who managed to recover after being squished in the hands of Abyss. Darklore told Warlock that Abbyss would be in a weakened state when he uses the soul gem it would leave him intoxicated. Darklore married Maya making him King Darklore, (that is how I came up with the alias of king Darklore, it is shown in the captions above the subjects of Egolix-7). I posted this talk page because I guess it may help to get the profile approved.--ohitsme 10:18, 21 October 2007 (CDT)