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Talk:Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Talk:Deadpool (Wade Wilson)


Deadpool penciler

Who do you think would be the best penciler for Deadpool? I seriously think that the best penciling I've seen of Deadpool so far, is done by Patrick Zircher. I mean I really like his work on the new Iron Man series, but I think he totally ruled in Cable & Deadpool. I mean I like the current penciler: Ron Lim. But still I think Zircher is better. I would really like if he would come back to do some new great Deadpool art in Cable & Deadpool. (Which is by the way my favourite comic series) --sL33py 01:54, 11 July 2006 (EDT)

Yeah I think Zircher did a wonderful job in the Cable Deadpool series. And by the way, how much does it suck that the only copy of Cable Deadpool Volume 2 I can find is used and is priced at 100 bucks, anyone have any info on whether or not theyre gonna put it back into print?-LegacyOfTheAsh

I think the art is great but they need a new writer! I think Deadpool is a better character when he is more serious and not some wise cracking clown. The Deadpool from the EARLY 90's was the greatest--he was a cold blooded killer. I say bring old school Deadpool back and try to mesh him in with other runs like the X-Men/Ultimate X-men... --Nightmareof84--

Strength in Question...Superhuman or Otherwise?

We all know that Deadpool has superhuman strength (sufficient to lift approximately two tons under optimal conditions), so who erased that on the profile? --User:The Last Samurai

Deadpool doesn't have superhuman strength, which was why it was removed. His only power is his mutant healing factor and his ability to annoy anyone with ease (which isn't a power of course, but thought I would add that just for kicks). --DragynWulf 14:00, 3 August 2006 (EDT)

I think that he does (let's face it, only someone with superhuman strength could impale the Hulk on a street sign, or break the world's most wanted terrorist's neck with only two fingers). He wouldn't have the muscles he does, either. --User:The Last Samurai

Anyone can get the same muscle mass that Deadpool has as long as they work at it. He is small compaired to the size of some people in real life. Check any Handbook entry and you will see that he does not have super-human strength. --DragynWulf 11:23, 4 August 2006 (EDT)

Then you should check out the Marvel Knights edition of the Marvel Encyclopedia. There is a strength rating chart (that says that his strength is superhuman). If that doesn't work, then you should at least mention that his strength is higher than normal. If his healing factor has enhanced his other natural abilities (speed, agility, and endurance), why not his strength? User:The Last Samurai

It seems to me that, like Wolverine, Deadpool should be able to develop musculature quicker than a normal person. Since muscle-mass increases when a person's muscles tear apart, and heal back together in response to the new impact put on them, it would only make sense that people with increased healing could reach higher levels of strength. I think that Wolverine could also reach a higher level of strength because his metal skeleton would give him more weight, forcing his muscles to become stronger and work harder. But as for increased strength, it seems to me that Deadpool most likely is just a trained athlete and martial artist. When a person knows how to move their body properly, utalizing their own personal energy, they are capable of feats that the average person would find superhuman. As for his Handbook entry...I don't know what to say. PseudoSherlock 14:39, 4 August 2006 (EDT)

Thank you for that. However, I have another source. You can check Wikipedia (just type Deadpool into the search bar), Powers and Equipment, the end of the first paragraph. Oh, and by the way, Wolverine does have an increased level of strength (he can lift approximately five hundred pounds under optimal conditions). Since Deadpool's healing factor is far more powerful, shouldn't Deadpool have a superhuman level of strength?User:The Last Samurai

I have no idea why Deadpool would even be listed in the Marvel Knights Encyclopedia because the title was never part of the Marvel Knights. I only get encyclopedias with Taskmaster in them due to the high cost of them. The most recent entry for Deadpool in a Handbook (WOLVERINE 2004) does not list Deadpool as having super-human strength.
Wikipedia is not a source of information to check for information on characters. Anyone can put anything in a character's profile. While the Encyclopedia here uses the same format, everything is verified before being approved. For example on the Taskmaster profile, it says that Taskmaster went to the Ultraverse universe, which is absolutly incorrect. Siren came to the Marvel Universe, not the other way around. --DragynWulf 01:20, 5 August 2006 (EDT)

Maybe it was the Spider-Man Marvel Encyclopedia. But then again, I'm pretty sure it was the Marvel Knights version. You could at least put that Deadpool possesses a degree of enhanced strength (derived from the physiological changes his healing factor brought about).--User:The Last Samurai

Um, they say in the comics that he has enhanced strength, so...The Exile

Thank You! --User:The Last Samurai

Enhanced is not "super-human". I've brought this up to OHotMU cordinator and it is being checked since it was not mentioned in his Handbook entry. --DragynWulf 08:07, 8 August 2006 (EDT)

It could be like they say, 'you're stronger than you look'. Healing factors are supposed to get rid of bad parts of cells, making them better. It's commonly thought of as just repair to the current state, but what if it's the repair/removal of chracteristics of cells that don't meet a certain threshold? The lesser quality parts are replaced with better ones, making the body cells better than before.

This idea goes with Wolverine having heightened senses because of his healing factor, though there must have been something done to the template before it was given to Deadpool or he'd have heightened senses, too, unless we're gonna count his cancer as preventing the upgrade. But, that doesn't make any sense, since he has regrown even a finger, so it's doubtful it's the cancer.

It would explain the increased stamina. The body cells can take more damage before muscle fatigue keeps them from moving. He just stops for a minute and he's back in top shape again. It even explains an increase in reflexes and agility. Better cell material for the nervous system increases signal processing for faster muscle contractions and electrical impulse transmission. It would also increase the brain's perceptions of how body cells are in relation to each other via better signal transmission, which helps with agility and balance. It'd increase his skill as a marksman and with how to move in hand-to-hand combat, armed or not.

And, even if the healing factor isn't the reason why he may have a resistance to psychics, it would bump up his self-control by being more aware because of better signal transmission. -- riley

After reading some of the Cable/Deadpool comics, they explicitly say that he has superhuman strength. The reference to him breaking a terrorist's neck with two fingers is the best example, and when investigating the issue (in Cable/Deadpool #13) the doctor specifically says: "the amount of strength to do that is..." and the reporter finishes "superhuman." Quote, unquote. PseudoSherlock 11:08, 3 February 2007 (CST)

You also have to take into account that Deadpools healing factor was significaly reduced, losing the ability to grow back limbs so (if the healing factor has any effect on his strength) his strength would be reduced --dragonkin9

Deadpool's powers are driven by his current level of concentration. He can lift between 500 lbs and 2 tons. The more focused he is the more powerful he becomes. --User:Saqism

I'm fascinated to see that someone is actually questioning whether Deadpool has superhuman strength. This was never really in question in my mind. I remember a set of Marvel Universe cards I still have around here somewhere, printed in the 90s, that state beyond doubt that he can lift 2 tons. I'd like to see a non-superhuman who can deadlift 4000 pounds. Then of course there are the numerous canon examples. --Magnusalpha 02:01, 13 April 2011 (UTC)

deadpool movie

there is going to be a dead pool movie in 2008 any one think its going to be good?02:08, 11 August 2006 (EDT) I'm wondering who will play deadpool in the new movie??

If it has Ryan Reynolds (like I've heard it will), it's bound to be good.--User:The Last Samurai

really I didn't know that I hope that he talks like he does in comics but in a movie version user:onslaunt

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect guy for the movie. I don't think they should even consider anyone else.

I can't wait until the movie comes out. I really don't want Marvel to make Deadpool into a clown. Deadpool is a far better character when he is a serious killer, not some goof that talks endlessly!--Nightmareof84--

I want him to be funny but mostly a serious killer in the movie. user:Black Panther#1

Is this an actual fact that this movie is happening? I am having a hard time finding any solid information in regards to this. Anything that could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.--jlharris83 15:36, 8 June 2007 (CDT) This is only thing i found about Deadpool that was writen recently. I seriously hope they make Deadpool movie. Its a big challenge to copy Deadpool to big screen but hell, if done right it could pay off big time. Dunno only thing we can hope for is that goes out in 2008 along with Iron Man. --Zodiack 6:34pm, 25th august2007

Even that article mentions how unlikely it is to happen, unfortunately. I'm actually thinking Seann William Scott would be a good Deadpool. -- User:adamkomar

Best Deadpool for me would be Vin Diesel, he looks somewhat like Deadpool, only thing he is missing is scar tissue and his voice is some what like i expect Deadpool's to be. Only thing that troubles me in seeing Vin Diesel as Deadpool is fact that i am not sure can he pull off being merc with a mouth - making funny statements while killing people =P --Zodiack

Bold text i think a deadpool movie would be fantastic as i think he is ace.

I've got to say as I've stated before below, Jim Carrey would make an awesome Deadpool. He's got the mouth.......He can pull off Merc. User:Fantasticthing

No Ryan Reynolds is the only perfect match for Deadpool, body frame is perfect,plus he is the perfect jackass (Van Wilder anyone). Vin Diesel is more of a T-Ray, Sean Scott, hes a good pick for Havok, Jim Carrey, already had his chance as the Riddler.

Fixing the article up

Besides expanding on his adventures after he met with Cable, there's a problem in the first paragraph. Deadpool's real name is not Jack, he is the real Wade Wilsion. As of Cable and Deadpool #39 it's been established that T-Ray was the messed up one. Thanks to Cable fixing his brain he no longer has the holes in his memory he used to have and is able to remeber who he was. I'm changing it now to reflect the current version. --Shaoken 23:25, 12 August 2007 (EDT)

Jim Carrey

I think Jim Carrey would be a great dead pool if they were going to make a movie, More Funny than action. Would any body go see jim carrey in the movie as Deadpool? User:Fantasticthing

I believe you are brain damaged... Jim Carrey is a great actor, but he is not suited for Deadpool, for number of reasons. Most of all is that he isnt muscular enough, 2nd of all is that he dont have harsh enough voice to play deadpool. Jim Carrey definetly could play in Deadpool move, but not as Deadpool but as Weasel.

These talk pages are not for chatting...please take this up on the message boards. These talk pages are for questions regarding the profile here on Marvel Universe. - --mickeys4life 15:45, 15 September 2007 (CDT)