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Talk:Death (embodiment)

Talk:Death (embodiment)

There is a mistake in Death's bio.

Death did not appear to the Phoenix Force to tell it that it was draining the energy of future unborn and convinced it to leave Rachel Summers, that was Galactus.

Death did appear to Rachel though earlier in the Excalibur run and mentioned his talk with Jean Grey. He told Rachel that he was with Jean when she decided to give up the Phoenix power.

Death explained the Phoenix to Jean Grey in Classic X-Men #43 after she had committed suicide on the moon.

Of course later they introduced the retcon idea that Jean had been replaced by the Phoenix.

Later, X-Men Forever #1 would say that Death tried to explain to the Phoenix Force why it took Jean's form and life, which makes no sense considering what the actual story said and this account also does not gel with the Excalibur issue where Death appears to Rachel either.

However to complicate things further, in X-Men Forever #3, Jean Grey is projected back in time and relives the experience. She basically replaces the Phoenix that replaced her making at least a portion of the Classic #43 story having actually been her. Death tells her that he considers both times to having been her anyways. Afterall it would have been more correct to say that it was the portion of Jean that the Phoenix had borrowed that went and talked to Death considering the original conversation. And considering in the original story Jean was cut off from her Phoenix powers inbetween page 1 and page 12. And considering Death's later comments to Rachel.

Therefore it is still more accurate to say that Death encountered Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force rather than just the Phoenix Force as it does in the list of Death's important issues.