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Category Question

I just finished reading your profiles for the Luminals, and they are great. My question is should they be listed in the category of Heroes? It is clear that they are Xarth's equivalent of the Avengers. I understand that they were the Villains in the Knowhere arc of Nova, but they were being controlled by the true Villain Abyss (alien). I was just wondering let me know what you think. --ohitsme 08:05, 27 February 2008 (CST)

Hey ohitsme, thanks for the compliment on my profiles, and to answer your question: I wasn't completely sure either about the villains category because of the same reason you mentioned. However, I do remember once (and I can't tell you the exact instance) that someone tried to add a heroes category to a character that didn't show that he could be heroic, and a mod corrected the user and took the heroes category off the profile. So based on that, I didn't put them in the heroes category because they didn't display any heroic traits even when they weren't being manipulated by Abyss. At one point in the story, when they were questioned by Cosmo, Cynosure dismissed him as if he were beneath his notice, and they were going to take a life. Albeit an evil life, but still it would be murder. Now even though they were compared to the Avengers, I don't think Captain America would have done that. I hope that helps to clear up why I didn't add that category, but if a mod feels differently, then I will gladly add it to all the profiles I put up.

On another subject, I see you've been busy yourself putting up a ton of profiles. I'm glad to see you finally got approval rights because you seem to post some characters I'm not familiar with. Nice job to you too. -- acotilletta 27 February 2008

Well this in indeed a complex thing. In my opinion it should not be in villians category and it should not be in heroes category either as I too don't really see them as neither. This of course if case of how people see the character. You could also ask yourself why Galactus is in villains category as he really isn't a villain but necessary being in the whole universe. These categorizations are hard to decide as many characters aren't really heroes or villains but have done things that would categorize them as both. Usually in this type of situation I leave them out as you can't be sure about it. --Wezqu 20:00, 27 February 2008 (EST)