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Talk:Ereshkigal (disambiguation)

Talk:Ereshkigal (disambiguation)

Just a quick question for anyone who knows the answer. Is the name Ereshkigal misspelled (for the Deviant character who used that name, at least, since I don't have a comic concerning the other character)? I have the comic Avengers #370 where it is spelled Erishkigel, but I know Wikipedia spells it the way it is on this disambig page. Not that I'm saying anyone would copy from Wikipedia and place it on the Marvel website. I was just curious on the proper spelling of the name so this site could be accurate. Thank you. --acotilletta

Well I don't think so she is listed with that alias in A-NOHotMU #4 it might have been mistake by the writer of that comic to be writen that way. Also it would not be the first time in comics that someones name is writen wrong. --Wezqu 11:58, 9 October 2007 (EDT)