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Talk:Guardians of the Galaxy

Talk:Guardians of the Galaxy


Both Aleta & Stakar went by the name Starhawk, which means that both characters should be listed as such. In the Reality 616 Aleta was known as Starhawk, and so was Stakar when ne was an honorary member of the Avengers. Both characters should be listed as Starhawk on the Avengers page as well. The OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update #4, Starhawk entry supports this fact. I am trying to understand why you changed the corrected information? Oh, the middle name should also be listed because it shows the newer readers that have no knowledge of this character a direct connection between him and Quasar, who has the same middle name. Quasar has been listed with all three name long before Phyla donned the Quasar moniker.--ohitsme 09:22, 11 November 2007 (CST)

Reason A: His name is Stakar Ogord not Stakar Vaughn Ogord.
Reason B: He is not anyway related to Earth-616 Quasar.
Reason C: You can't put missleading information to the character or change his name because on your opinion he should use Quasar's last name as he is the child of Earth-691's Quasar. Who might not even have the same name as the Earth-616 one. Also note its his last name Quasar's second name is Elvis.
Reason D: Now Aleta is not anymore Starhawk so she can't be listed as Starhawk. Only place where she should be listed as Starhawk is the Avengers page in that you are right as she used it when she was a member, but as she was a member of Guardians of the Galaxy when she splitted from Stakar she was still a member and so she can't be listed as Starhawk. Also her profile should go to "Aleta" or rather "Ogord, Aleta" as she now doesn't use any other alias than her name.
I decided to list these reason this way as they are more clearer. Also just to note that you can't list alternate universe characters on the relatives section if they don't really have a relation. I don't mean like he was the son of his universe Quasar so I could add main universe Quasar to it as relative as he is the same guy. Main universe Quasar is not anyway related to this character. Also now he is named wrong Vaughn is not part of his name and the profile is now in the wrong place and missleading.--Wezqu 12:43, 11 November 2007 (EST)

Thanks for responding Wezqu, let's see if we can resolve this quickly.

Reason A: His name is Stakar Vaughn it is listed in the comic close to the ending of the Guardians series. I am still trying to locate it. As he was living his life through the time loops he learned that he was to have his fathers surname. That father being Wendell Vaughn of the 691-Reality. After this he was known as Stakar Vaughn Ogord. I did not make this up out of the blue.

Reason B: He is not anyway related to Earth-616 Quasar. This may have been presumption on my behalf since in appearance it looks to be the same character. I stand corrected.

Reason C: The reference that I was making was about Characters having their middle name listed. Quasar's middle name was listed long before Phyla or any other character name Quasar came along.

I will not make any changes until I locate the books, that support my information, or some other profiler confirms it, but know that this is in fact documented history of the Starhawk.--ohitsme 14:11, 11 November 2007 (CST)

Yeah, but middle names are not used when naming bios as there really is no point using them if there really is not two guys who has first and last name the same. They are listed in the name section not in the bio name. Also if that something he saw happening in the future might also mean it might not happen at all. So you can't be sure if he uses the name now when he knows at he might use it in the future. Also many times seeing his "own future" might not really be his future but present of some other alternateself. Thiskind of things won't be sure before he really comes around and says his name is Vaughn until then it might just be a posibility. Also I would go what the Official Handbook says unfortunately I can't check the new handbook about his name, but I would trust what it says. Also pointing out that info in the bio should be of what he is/does now and not in the future. Those things can be mentioned as he saw he might use the name, but as he hasn't yet it can't be his name.--Wezqu 16:37, 11 November 2007 (EST)