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Talk:Hawkeye (Ultimate)

Talk:Hawkeye (Ultimate)

This Hawkeye in the "Ultimates" series is pretty much on par with the regular Hawkeye of the regular Marvel Universe. I'm glad that there is still one Hawkeye left in the Marvel Universe somewhere, even if he is without his legendary purple outfit. But hey, at least there is still a Hawkeye.

There is Hawkeye in main universe. She is a member of Young Avengers. Also are you sure he is dead. He was alive in House of M and when it was put back to normal his suit and arrows were hanged on the Avengers Mansion's wall with the news clip of his death. Matter of fact I dont think he is death and he sure isnt. He was the one who put the newspaper clipping, costume, arrows and bow there. He did it because in this reality he is dead and is thinking things trough but he will be back when we most need him. Only stupid would think he is dead. --Wezqu 19:04, 1 August 2006 (EDT)

hawkeye has plans

hawkeye is floating out there in the marvel U. somewhere. hee needs to be active NOW! but if you know and love the character, he would deffinitely want to step in to be the next captain america. he worshipped the guy and would want to do him proud!