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Talk:Howard the Duck

Talk:Howard the Duck

This looks like a great comic. I have never heard of it before, but I am really interested now...I wonder if it is still out. I am guessing its not though, considering not many people find Ducks that entertaining. Too bad, it looks like an awesome comic. Actually i find howard very entertaining and hes one of my fav. comic book characters --mimicx35

One question why does anyone not like howard the duck onslaunt

Ummmmmm I'm pretty sure if people didnt like him then he would appear in comics (which he has) and probably would have dissing remarks made in this section of his profile (which probably wouldn't be here if no one liked him). But just to let you know....I love the duck. --mimicx35

I hope I'm wrong....

But...Is it true that Howard got the powers of the Son Of Satan? if so, Is'nt it abit strong for kids? I mean I know comics do have an adult audience but still.....A duck is a duck, Not a demon duck. User:Fantasticthing