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Port Washington not Fort Washington, look it up

Iceman was born in Port Washington, NY, not Fort Washington, NY. There is no Fort Washington, whereas Port Washington is a town on Long Island. The Marvel Universe cards specify Iceman's place of birth as Port Washington. Please adjust. uglysmurf

You are correct. It should be Port Washington. Stuart Vandal 16:51, 10 June 2006 (EDT)

FYI: The "Fort Washington" error started in the Deluxe Edition of the Handbooks, and the errata was unfortunately carried along since. The original Handbooks correctly stated it as "Port Washington" on Long Island, NY. Fort Washington existed in an area in northern Manhattan island during the American Revolutionary War, I believe.--MikeFichera 23:32, 10 June 2006 (EDT)

Is Iceman Gay?

I have been hearing some talk that he is and in a relationshilp with Jean-Paul (Northstar)? Now I doubt it is true. I mean its not right? Reed2442

Rumour and conjecture only. There's no evidence of him being gay, and a number of in-comic romances with females and interest in further females suggests he is straight (though of course, said romances don't completely rule out the possibility of him being gay). Stuart Vandal 16:51, 10 June 2006 (EDT)

His being gay is strictly speculation, based on failed relationships... with WOMEN I might add. If we all had successful relationships in our lives, we would have married the first person we were with. Being as young as he is (20-something), most guys his age are only out to having fun. And at this time in his life, his maturity level hasn't caught up to him just yet. Jean-Paul expressed his feelings towards Iceman, but he also made it known that Iceman is NOT into men either later on in the same issue. I will say this though, that the relationships he has had, have consistently been with women over the course of his 40 year history... That alone should indicated which sex he prefers.

Mr. Freeze

ok it's kinda been making me mad -- is mr freeze from batman (arnold schwarzengenarar cant spell it) even a real villian? or is he just an extra guy? maybe i just wasnt searching well enough, but i couldnt find him.

Mr. Freeze is DC comics as is Batman...

Second picture should be removed (surfboard)

The second picture in this article, the one of Iceman on a surfboard, should be removed, as that is a picture of Ultimate Iceman, who is a seperate universe version of Iceman. That picture should be in the Ultimate Iceman article, if anywhere.

Typos in last paragraph

Okay, I tried fixing this in an edit, but it wasn't approved, so I'll just let everyone know here. The last sentence in the article, "He discovered this ability while fighting the Children of the Vault when they attacked the Mansion, after the fight with the children he joined Rogue team of X-Men." First of all, it's a run-on. It should be seperated into: "He discovered this ability while fighting the Children of the Vault when they attacked the Mansion. After the fight with the children, he joined Rogue's team of X-Men."

Additionally, it should be Rogue's team of X-men, not Rogue team of X-Men. --bobby__drake 12:04, 20 June 2007