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Talk:Iron Man (Anthony Stark)

Talk:Iron Man (Anthony Stark)



What's the standard wait time for editing approval? I'm a bit late to the game, but I have quite a bit to offer, especially in this section. IronHube -- April 9

It depends on if the information listed is correct (no typos, done as if you were watching it yourself and not looking at a comic, proper grammer, no speculations, no spoilers, and basically what was actually printed in the comics themselves) and if a Moderator knows the information listed to approve it. --DragynWulf 16:42, 9 April 2007 (CDT) (Moderator)

Civil War/Iron Man

I don't think Iron Man is going to end up like a villain after Civil War, he's more likely to see the error of his ways or either stick firm to his beliefs of super human registration. -PigmanIV

Is Iron Man going to end up looking like a bad guy after the civil war? - Marvels

We are just going to have to wait to see what the "Excellent" Mark Millar does with the series. - IRISH4869 March 13

I like Mark too, and I am not really too informed on Iron Man, but the way he is messing with Spider-Man it is hard to see any way he can come away with real friends. --marvels 23:22, 14 March 2006 (EST)User:marvels|marvels

I listened to the podcast and the writers said there wasn’t going to be a "bad guy" in this story it is just a really big difference of opinions. Stark sees there are already like 40x the masked superheroes the like 50 years ago and if that keeps up then there are going to be a problem. But on the flip side Steve thinks that they have the right to privacy. And also don’t cut Peter short he isn’t stupid and I would be surprised if he knew what stark is up to. --x10ofspades 18:14, 6 May 2006 (EDT)

Honestly, in a "Civil War" there are no good or bad guys, it's just two perspectives. Iron Man is only a "bad guy" if you don't agree with him. It would be just as easy to for someone to assume that Captain America is now going to be a bad guy because he doesn't want to agree to the government's reasonable (in their opinion) law.

This is true, but how many people wanna see the heroes regulated? Just look at the poll on the main page, most people are in favor of Cap and who can blame them? The New Warriors do one stupid thing and everyone has to be regulated? What if a super-villain got all the heroes identities off whatever government mainframe they were kept on? I wanna support Iron Man, especially as he is my favorite character, but it seems everywhere I turn he's looking pretty villainous these days, even in his own comic he's coming off too cocky after the Extremis thing. I like the whole Extremis dose and what's it done, Iron Man is a character who should be able to do cool things like jack into mainframes, but it looks like they'll just get rid of Extremis pretty soon. Oh well, if they can get his comic book back on track with a team that stays for a while, I think I'll be happy. --CypherHalo 09:44, 17 May 2006 (EDT)

At the moment there's still only 3/4ths that agree with Captain America. And I know how you feel, I also think regulation is dangerous and a poor idea. I'm only saying that it's not objective, and there could still be plenty of readers, most likely based on their real life political views, who would agree with Iron Man. And although I'm not a huge Iron Man fan, and haven't read much about him, I would guess that because he's a millionare he's going to tend to be opinionated and want his way no matter what, which will tend to make him seem villainous. At least that's what it seems to me, though I could be TOTALLY wrong. PseudoSherlock 13:06, 27 May 2006 (EDT)

Is it just me or does iron man have a different view in amz spider-man than he does in the civil war comic?

that's what I read on an Iron Man discussion board. it's leading the fans on the website to wonder if perhaps Iron Man is playing some kind of bigger picture, only pretending to support the act or just having some other sort of hidden agenda. I certainly hope that he is, one because I'm an Iron Man fan and two because it would certainly make the comics interesting. Plus it might make Iron Man finally look like a good guy or at least the genius he's supposed to be, he seems to be getting a bad rap in the marvel universe these days.--CypherHalo 22:30, 7 June 2006 (EDT)

Is ironman still on the avengers. After making a move like that, i'm unsure. Also can some one tell me about the civil war. I didn't get to read it yet. The butler out.

I don't usually read Spider Man but I picked up some issues, and it sound like Stark was looking at some bigger picture. Iron Man's image really isn't looking too good these days, but I hope that Marvel doesn't take away the abilities that he's gained because of extremis. I think he's a better hero than ever the way he is right now, though a humbling experience may be necessary.

well they seem to be giving him a humbling experience in the recent Iron Man issues. I'm with you, I hope they bring back his image to par. I was looking through the beginning issues of volume 3, there Tony was the rich guy trying to help the world in more ways than just being Iron Man. That kind of stuff is the Tony I want to see. Definitely hope he doesn't lose Extremis either, we waited forever for that, though they do need to tone it down. I saw it as the next upgrade, just like when he gets a new armor, they're taking it in a whole different direction however. So yeah, here's hoping the best for Iron Man.--CypherHalo 08:36, 2 July 2006 (EDT)


Is Iron Mans identity really a secret because I thought it wasn't a penis Yes, it is secret again. Stuart Vandal 15:57, 16 April 2006 (EDT)

i think that Ironmans secret identity is only semi-secret because people in starks tower know who he is with the iron lab and what not. -IRONMAN429

To choose Iron Man's side follow instructions listed. --Viper 18:18, 9 May 2006 (EDT)


will some one please just leave the pic alone.

i like the civil war one. the one with part of mrs. marvel's head keeps changing back and forth between the civil war one. please just keep it at one (Hopfully the civil war one)

An image should make it easy for people to know who the character is just by looking at the image. Showing more than the intended character can make it confussing. This is why it was replaced. --DragynWulf 00:39, 8 July 2006 (EDT)


whats with iron mans costume how does he take it off is it in pieces or all together and does toney stark really need to plug himself into a wall to chargespiderman12901 15:38, 3 July 2006 (EDT)

If im not wrong its in many pieces. Its like mideval armor that also is put on in pieces. --Wezqu 16:56, 3 July 2006 (EDT)

I beleive Tony Stark doesn't need to plug himself into a wall anymore. He used to because he has a mechanical heart or something that keeps his heart pumping that needs to be recharged. I think that problem was fixed though. --CrowHawkins 19:24, 9 July 2006 (EDT)

from silver to red and gold

i remember the first iron man comic IRON MAN #1 tony stark had silver armor but i havent really been following along for like 4 years and now i see him in an advanced red and gold suit of armor what exacly happendspiderman12901 21:18, 16 July 2006 (EDT)

he up-graded his armor and decided to change the color

Iron Man the Movie 2008?

Does anyone know, if the movie will be done in 2008, or will start filming in 2008? I wasn't very clear.--Venomocity 11:35, 28 July 2006 (EDT)

yeah its gonna be in 2008 not sure what month though and theres also going to be a Dead Pool movie in 2008 which will probably be a Punisher/Spiderman moviespiderman12901 02:04, 11 August 2006 (EDT)

Awesome, thanks for the info, I didn't understand which it meant. I also didn't know about the DeadPool movie either. I'll be looking forward to 2008. Thanks--Venomocity 16:48, 11 August 2006 (EDT)

Which OS ?

Have just returned to reading Iron Man after what must be at least 15 years, still a boy at heart I guess. Must say the character has undergone some masive changes and development in that time. At first it seemed very strange and I came close to brushing the comic off as inferior to the earlier issues that I cut my teeth on. However, I'm glad to say that the great stories got the best of me and here I am again waiting with anticipation each month for the new issue to appear in my mail box. Once I realised that iron man, like myself for that matter, was just a product of our times I was right back into what has and I hope will always be a great comic book adventure.

One with thought, as Mr Stark can now multi task with the best and fastest of our friends in the silicon world I was wondering if anyone knows what OS he uses to interface with the worlds digital network? Best regards, Nodachi Jack

Knowing Stark, not just any over the counter OS would do. It would be some self made OS that has its own touch of a GUI (Graphical User Interface).--Venomocity 16:38, 15 August 2006 (EDT)

is the movie a lot of computerization because i feelit wont be as good with a lot of animation it will take away from the idea that superheroes could actully exist. ).--User:IronMan429

Sad but true, this movie is coming out and the reason I say sad is because it seems they went with Robert Downey JR as Tony Starks. Yes thats right. Because we all know that R D jr is the Attractive playboy type. Also Terrence Howard will be playing the part of Jim Rhodes. My only question is did the caster even read the comics or did they just simply say who is out there and we can get for real cheap? Mind you I am not "Bashing" Robert Downey Jr and Terrence Howard, I actually like both of them, just as an Iron Man fan I can not see either of them in the roles they are cast, heck Antonio Banderas would make a better Tony (at least he has latin charm).

Who is Iron Man?

Ok, I just read somewhere, that Robert Downey Jr. is going to play Iron Man. Is this correct? I mean, he's done some ok things, but Tony Stark? I think its too much of a stretch. The only thing the 2 would have in common, is their colored past with alcohol.--Venomocity 11:12, 24 January 2007 (CST)

Don't forget the coke.

Iron Man vs. Tessla

I was just thinking, the repulsor beam acts exactly like one of Tessla's conceptual patients for an anti-aircraft ray. Well since Nichola is long dead, I doubt he's going to be pressing Intellectual Property theft concerns.