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Marvel Universe 


Jubilee's power stats need to be updated for her power grid. She should have all 2's for speed, durability, intelligence, and strength. She should have 1 for her current energy rating, and a 4 for fighting ability.

with the exception of her 1 for energy, those are Jubilee's most recent stats according to her latest Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

Jubilee needs a massive bio upgrade-

To the web bosses at I feel that Jubilee needs a decent sized upgrade to her biography. There is little to no information on her when it comes to Generation X, X-Corps, her Aunt Hope, or her current status in the Marvel Universe.

I am willing to make such changes, including pictures and a much more detailed history of her, as I have been an avid follower of the character since the early 90's. Please contact me if I have your permission to do such changes.